Overseas opportunities for Chic-fil-A owners.
Design, Layout

Main Street Presbyterian | Logo

mySensay | logo
Logo for project
branding, website, hosting

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Philip Center | Brochure
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Little Lambinates | Catalog
Full Product Line Displayed in 12 Page Piece.View PDF
Photography, Design, Layout

The Philip Center | Logo

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8 ft. x 10 ft. Outfield sign to Announce the website launch

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Little Lambinates | 4 Page Brochure
Start to Finish. From the studio to the Press.
Flickr | Slideshow
Photography, Design, Layout
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9 Marks | Annual Report
9 Marks of a Healthy Church 4 Page Report.
Photography, Design, Layout

Book Cover. Photograph from the Duke Chapel.
Photography, Design, Layout

Business Brokerage Press | CGBB Book Cover
Cityscape illustration with reflection.
Illustration, Design, Layout

Empty Handful | Album Artwork
Empty written on the flesh and handful in the darkness.
Photography, Design, Layout

Starting Tuesday | Album Artwork
Winter branches fading into spring canopy.
photography, Design, Layout

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Cooperation Map Ad. Globe made of thumbtacks.
Illustration, Design, Layout

3 x 8 foot banners for 9 Marks booth at T4G
Photography, Design, Layout

The Gospel Coalition | Logo
Final logo selected from these versions.

Photograph from Duke Chapel: Durham, NC.
Photography, Design, Layout

Providence Baptist Church | VP CD